cropped-img_09361.jpgI’m someone who grew up in a small hamlet in the mountains that enjoyed making music.  Playing piano, singing, playing saxophone and musical theater were my creative outlets. That has led me to a career in performing and performing arts education where I collaborate and inspire new ideas with colleagues and students.

It hasn’t been just concerts and musicals on my journey.  I have worked and developed my craft over the last 18 years through degree programs, state licensure requirements, and career opportunities to develop my craft.   I hold Massachusetts licenses in Music at all levels, Early Childhood Education with moderate disabilities, and Elementary Leadership.

My small town roots gave me the drive to see what else was out there.  I have had the fortunate opportunity to be an educator and help address challenges in urban, suburban, and rural districts in 2 different states.  I have worked with children ranging from Pre-School to High School in early childhood education, music education, arts integration and theater arts.

I have enjoyed my job on a daily basis with so many inspiring moments.  Highlights of my journey include:

  • An ambitious integrated music project such as writing a local grant to lead our Kindergarten team in creating and recording songs to accompany the Kindergarten phonics program
  • Integrating music and technology into reading and writing workshops to successfully increase decoding and comprehension levels for students.  This work was studied by Literacy Professors Barbara Steckel and Valerie Shinas from Lesley University for a future literacy education publication in digitally integrated classrooms.   This work was presented and featured at the MRA annual conference in 2014 as well as the Greater Boston Reading Conference in 2015.
  • Using a collaborative practice model to create and implement a uniquely designed 3rd-grade recorder program that utilizes boomwhacker colors to support student decoding of musical notation
  • Creating, directing and performing a yearly musical with first graders which integrates curriculum from core content into technology and arts for a deeper learning experience
  • Being a partner school with Boston Lyric Opera to help students create a student-run opera production that integrates the grade-level classroom curriculum into a full-scale production, operated completely by students.
  • Partnering with UMASS LOWELL in the Ecosonic Playground Project ™.   Students in 3rd grade will create their own musical playground structure using recycled materials.

I have expanded my professional repertoire in other areas outside the classroom as well. I served as the Co-President of the Teacher’s Union for several years leading an association team through a successful contract negotiation with the administration.  I am a member of the Education Advisory Council which creates and supports the Community Outreach/Family Concert Series for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  My most recent endeavors include being a regular contributor to the national music resource magazine “Activate,” through Heritage Music Press and being a member of the Massachusetts Music Standards Review Committee for 2018.

This leads me up to creating my own education connection platform to support arts programs create partnerships within school teams, across school teams, with local organizations to help build meaningful performing arts learning experiences for kids.

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