Take A Stand

As I watched and listened to the savage inequalities that have always been there boil over, I reflected on my time as a Kindergarten teacher. Thinking about how the work around standing up to bully’s can transfer over into antiracist work for students and teachers. We did our work around NO NAME CALLING WEEK in January and would talk about how to be a good friend and stand up to bully’s and not be a bystander. We focused on being a good citizen.

Student’s learned vocabulary around Bullying behavior and a big focus was if you see something say something. Catering it to their level so that they understand that if they feel unsafe in the situation to find a trusted adult to help them solve the problem.

I later created a show for our First Grade Classrooms with the bullying theme. It all took place at an elementary school for bugs. The students at that time were studying ladybugs and bugs in science. Through that mini-musical the students explored the themes and vocabulary around bullying. What is the role of the bystander? What is a victim? What makes actions bullying behavior?

The ending show number was a song called Take A Stand. I created it in hopes to empower young students to stand up against aggressive behaviors. This is the first time I’m putting it out to the general public. I’d love to hear some feedback as I have further plans for this song. I’d like to make a little music video (any artists comfy with digital media?) and then create a similar song to help children with vocabulary on how to have anti-racist behaviors. I hope you find it useful for your classroom or situation and that it in someway makes the world a kinder place.

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