French Polynesian Honeymoon, Stop 2 Mo’orea

Our next stop after Bora Bora on our honeymoon was the island of Mo’orea. We spent our time here in another overwater bungalow. It’s such a wonderful and unique experience I encourage anyone who can to do it.

We enjoyed the more modest prices of Mo’orea Hilton Resort. The prices were much more reasonable than the Conrad Bora Bora. The views were lovely and I enjoyed the shallower depth of the lagoon. We saw a lot more fish at this location especially sharks than we did in Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is so relaxing and the amenities on the Motu are amazing. We didn’t feel the need to explore too much more on the island. In Mo’orea we wanted adventure so we took a few excursions as this was the adventurous part of our trip.

My husband had never been on a jet ski so we decided to take an excursion and see some of the sharks and rays while jetting around the island. It was intimate as there was only four of us and our tour guide. It was a fantastic 2 1/2 hour tour around the island with a stop at the sandbar to see the sharks (pictured above). We also took advantage of the calm lagoon by taking a scuba diving tour. It’s one of the only places you can take an initial scuba dive in open water. The lagoon is calm enough that they consider it like diving in a pool. We didn’t go into this experience cold. We tried out scuba diving in a pool to make sure we enjoyed it. We both didn’t mind it in the pool. The ocean was a different story. I am a lifeguard and water safety instructor and I am an experience swimmer. I thought I would be ok to be the first one to head down to the sea floor. I started down and began to panic. Our instructor was amazing. I tried again by sliding down the anchor rope and was 18 feet down at the sea floor watching the fish. Michael wasn’t far behind me. He’s always such a trooper. He’s not a fan of fish swimming around you, I on the other hand find it fascinating. We spent 45 minutes under the water and found the experience unique. I can honestly say I’m so glad I got to scuba dive on our honeymoon and that I don’t feel like I ever need to do it again.

We enjoyed the excursions and the relaxing atmosphere. The food choice at the Hilton Mo’orea was pretty unimpressive. The best meal we had which was a splurge was the private dining experience in our bungalow. We had a dedicated waiter who brought everything to our bungalow for a private dinner while we watched the sunset. Candles were lit and flowers were everywhere. That was the best dining experience we had in Mo’orea.

Overall we enjoyed Mo’orea and it’s more reasonable rates and wide array of activities. It was a great bridge from Bora Bora to our last stop Hawaii.

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