The Vocal Squiggle

Students used their own squiggle to create a vocal line.

As I get older I struggle to connect with the younger generations as things change. I try technology, flashy gimmicks, movement games and anything else I think will grab their attention and get them engaged. Who knew that a cute little story and a simple red piece of yarn would be so engaging for kids.

We read the story the Squiggle by Carole Lexa Schafer. Students loved the sounds in the story that matched the imagination of the character in the story. We practiced the sounds that were made in the story and even made up single lines of words that made sense for each squiggle.

Students spent about 5 minutes making squiggles on the rug to create some idea or picture with their imagination. They created a sound for their squiggle and followed it with their voice and finger. We share out our ideas to the whole group. Students were so excited to hear each other’s ideas and what they sounded like. This lesson was such an engaging lesson that students are asking to do it again and again.

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