It’s Denali, it’s Delightful.

It’s Denali Day. Up at 5:00am to be at our tour departure at 6:00am. We chose the Denali Backcountry tour that was 14 hours long and headed all the way back to mile 90 of the road into Denali. You don’t have to take a tour but you do have a take a bus. We decided on a tour to get the full experience. Our tour bus driver Earl was amazing. He has lived in Alaska for 20 years and loves what he does with the tour company. It’s not his only job. We have found that many Alaskans work several jobs depending on the season. It’s like any seasonal vacation destination, it closes down in the off season.

DSCN2532Earl kept us occupied and really knew all the ins and out taking a tour in Denali. We would see buses pulled over all in the same spot to take pictures and he was say don’t worry, I’m going to get you to a place where we’ll get a better shot. He always did and it was only our tour in that area. We benefited from his experience on our tour. We had a good group of people. We ended up sitting in front of another couple from Massachusetts. Here are a few of the amazing shots we were able to get.

DSCN2443Even though there were park and private tour buses on the road to Denali, this felt more rural and rugged like a national park should than any of the other parks I have visited. Now, grant it we did eat a great buffet lunch at the Backcountry Lodge at mile 90 in Denali. There are a few small parts of Denali park that are privately owned due to land claims and the later expansion of Denali National Park.

Now, the best part of the day. We had amazing weather and some fantastic views of Denali. It truly was breathtaking. When it was in front of you, you felt like you were in a movie or that it was beautiful painting. We had amazing early morning views of the mountain as well as the afternoon light on the way back out of the park.

We also were lucky enough to view dull sheep, caribou, moose, brown bears and black bears.

It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend anyone who can, come visit this National Park. It’s now one of favorites.



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