Seattle, the cool Boston

It was my first time spending any time in Seattle. My first impression of the city was a cooler, hipper, more relaxed Boston. Art was everywhere in Seattle. It was lovely to see such a commitment to public art. The people had a more relaxed look and demeanor as they passed by on the street or greeted us at a restaurant. In other words, they were much friendly than the folks we deal with in Boston.

We spent a lovely day in Seattle before our flight up to Anchorage. We were able to see a few of the hot spots with the 12 hours we had there. We headed down to the Seattle Center via the monorail to hit up the space needle and the MoPop museum in the morning. We bought tickets online to save time, especially at the space needle. Going in the morning, it was less crowded and a little cheaper. Buying online saved a few bucks at the MoPop museum. Check out online discounts before heading. You can also download the GoTransit app so you don’t have to buy train tickets at a kiosk. Download the app and pay for the monorail, light rail and buses right on the app. TIME SAVER!
I haven’t been to the space needle before but my partner went last year. He said the improvements are great. I am not a fan of heights, so getting up there was a challenge enough for me. I was fine walking around the top observation deck and looking out at all of the wonderful sights. Sitting on the glass benches and leaning against the glass slanting outward was not an option for me. I did enjoy seeing the glass rotating floor, a great concept. There was no way I was going to even tap the glass with my toe. I know, it’s stronger than the cement but I couldn’t get past the concept mentally. I was happy to admire the rotating floor from the solid floor where I stood.

MoPop was a fun museum with such a great artistic look in its architecture. Again, in the morning it was not very crowded and we enjoyed strolling through the exhibits at our own pace. As we were leaving just about noon time the crowds began to pick up. We walked from the center down to Alaskan way and on the piers to have a lunch on the water. After lunch, we headed down to the Pier to go on the Seattle Ferris wheel and see Pike Place Market. Again, bought our tickets online so only needed to wait to get on the wheel, rather than wait in a ticket line and then the wheel line. You get to see a lot of Seatle when riding the wheel, so if it’s a nice day it’s worth the ticket price to get some great views. The fact that it is enclosed completely and air-conditioned makes it a nice enjoyable downtime even for those afraid of heights. The market was a crowded place but it was fun to watch all the action and see folks making deals, throwing fish and doing their thing.

We accomplished everything on the early side to avoid bigger crowds and to catch our evening flight to Anchorage. We hopped on the light rail at Westlake for $3 out to the airport. It’s about an hour from the station to the airport counter. Checked our bags and headed to the airport lounge for a little downtime before our flight. Now we are off to Alaska!

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