My mission is to combine learning strategies in the core curriculums, music education, and technology to support deeper authentic cross-curricular connections and content learning, and create greater accessibility for all students learning to compose and interact with different models of music notation.

Core Values:

I believe everyone should have access to a balanced high-quality music education program.

I believe that all children can learn to create and interact with music through the use of prior knowledge applied to unique strategies and creative thinking.

I believe that the arts create avenues and connections to other learning disciplines and strengthen the content and practices of student learning when integrated.

“The arts break away from the true-false, name-this, memorize-that confines of public education.  For every problem there may be many correct answers.  This kind of reasoning is far more the case in the real world, where there are often many ways to do any one thing well.  An effective workforce needs both kinds of reasoning, not just the standardized answers” (Fowler p.5 “Strong Arts, Strong Schools,” Educational Leadership.  November 1994, p.4-9.).

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